Sage 8 watt

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The Epistar LED’s give a very faithful color, whereby the warm and cold tones are very pure in nature.
The spread of light from the Agiba Sage spots is thanks to the special LGP layer very equally and unique.
The Agiba Sage spots illuminate indirectly whereby you experience as little as possible nuisance from the light.
The Agiba Sage spots illuminate at an angle of 160° .
Protection against deformation, by means of an additional layer EVA.
Ideal for application in shops, offices, cleanrooms and other situations where you need much and evenly light.
The Agiba Sage spots are also available as dimmable version .

The Agiba Sage spots meets very high quality and offers you an optimal light output with a very high lifetime (up to 50,000 Hrs).
You can return the product within 30 days and have 5 Years warranty.


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