Lotus LED panel 120 x 30 cm 36 Watt 3000K


Product information   The Lotus LED panel 120 x 30 cm 3000K including driver gives more light than the conventional 4 x 18 Watt luminaires. The LED panel distributes the light evenly and uniquely thanks to the special LGP. The panels are available with a white frame, so that the frame can be concealed seamlessly in your system ceiling. The Epistar LEDs give a very true color, with the warm and cold shades being very pure in nature. These LED panels are suitable for use in, for example, shops and offices where a lot of uniform light is needed. This light source must be connected to the corresponding driver. Suitable for both installation and shuttle. The size of the panel is 120 x 30 cm. The average lifespan is 50,000 hours. In addition, the color temperature is 3000K, the color rendering index is> 80 and the power factor is> 0.95. The operating voltage is AC85 ~ 265V and the LED panel has a power of 36 Watt. The frequency is 50Hz – 60Hz and the driver efficiency is> 88%. The LED configuration is 4014SMD, the luminaire efficiency is> 80% and the IP value is IP20. The beam angle is 115 degrees, the material of the panel is aluminum, light guide plate, aluminum back plate and the surface is matt. This product is also provided with the certificates CE, RoHS and EMC. Agiba offers a factory warranty of 5 years as standard.


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